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Following are the comments and feed back from our customers.

 5/30/2024 3:40:23 AM  
All image links go to original painting. If you want to see our finished paintings, please go to Finished Samples.

The painting arrived on Monday and I took it to my framer today. It is absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to see the finished product. The framer was very impressed also and wanted to know where I got the painting. They were very impressed when I told them about your website. I'm looking for my next painting and look forward to ordering again very soon. I'll send you a picture when I get this painting hung.
Thank you for your help,
Annette T. - CA

I wanted to let you know that I got two paintings. They are superb. Awaiting the others. Great work. Thanks
Farid G. - MA

I received Maggie's painting yesterday. WOW It looks great. I can't wait to get my client's reaction.
You're correct, the red portion if her dress is still a bit sticky. I've hung it in a safe, open-air place to finish drying and will stretch it next week.
Thanks again for the good work.
Lloyd A., Studio One Portrait Design - AL

The painting arrived safely over the weekend. I am delighted with the result and your services. Thanks again.
Regards, Bill B. - PA
(reproduction from photo)

Received the painting on Friday. It is at the frame shop. Am very happy with the results. Thanks,
Bill M. - CO
finished painting - Road with Man Walking, Carrige, Cypress, Star and Crescend Moon

Yes, we received it and it looks GORGEOUS! It's at the frame shop now - I can't wait to see it framed and hanging on our mantel! THANK YOU!
Stephanie T. - NC
finished painting - The Harbour at Argenteuil

I recieved the painting today. It is beautiful, what great brush strokes!! I can't wait to get it framed and hung. Thank you so much,
Don S - CA

Thank you for the e-mail - the painting was received Monday. It is beautiful and is being framed now. This is the third painting I ordered from Artmall 2000 and I have been very satisfied with your firm's work. I will send you pictures of each of the paintings and the rooms they are hanging in shortly. Thanks again.
Mary E. O. - Merrick, NY
finished painting - Van Gogh's Landscape.

Package recieved and the artwork is wonderful. My biggest worry was the quality of the art (even after looking at your website with examples): but it is great. Whoever painted this image did a great job and I thank you.
Evan B. - Boston, MA
finished painting - God Speed by Edmund Blair Leighton.

We took the painting to the framer yesterday; the lady working there was a graduate of a major art school in NYC and she thought it was lovely. We do too! Thank you so much for making it for us. Most sincerely,
Donna I. - Lawrenceville, GA

Artmall2000 comments: This customer like an old painting very much, which is hanged in a restaurant. She got permission and took some pictures. We reproduce this painting from her photos.

I received the painting last weekend. I am satisfied with the result. I hope my wife likes the painting as well.
Willem H. - Netherlands
Finished painting - Te Faaturuma (Brooding Woman) by Paul Gauguin

The painting arrived on Friday. I had to chuckle when I saw the PVC pipe. That was clever. USPS would have had a difficult time crushing that one!
Please let the artist know that this one is even more beautiful than the last one. It is truly breathtaking.
I am a BIG fan of your company and the fine staff it has!!!!!!!!!!
Charlie O. - Valparaiso, Indiana
Finished painting - Pieta 1876 by William Bouguereau

Thank you. We returned from vacation today and received the painting. We are very pleased with the quality of the workmanship and the color reproduction. Additionally, you handled the ordering and follow up process very professionally, and consequenlty have earned our confidence in doing business with you. You are on our 'A' list for future purchases, which we are seriously considering. Thank you again.
Tony & Peaches C. - Valencia, PA
Finished painting - Snow at Louveciennes by Alfred Sisley

The painting arrived today, and it's lovely. Taking it in for framing tomorrow, can't wait to wrap up and deliver this last xmas gift, and to get in on the wall.
David M. - Mount Vernon, WA
Finished painting - The Rose by Claude Monet

Thank you for writing. They are here! I have received a roll from your store containing canvases. I am in the process of taking them to a frame
specialist to view them and frame them.
Thank you again. I like your attention to a customer's satisfaction. I like the way you do business. I will let you know more later after I have seen them.

Finished paintings
1. A Girl with a Watering-Can by Pierre-Auguste Renoir
2. Blossoming Pear Tree by Vincent Van Gogh
3. The Tambourine Girl 1906 by John William Godward

I want to thank you for the painting. It arrived yesterday, and it is very good. It is a faithful reproduction of the picture we wanted.
I really appreciate your extra work to get it right. I will tell my friends about your excellent company, and may be back later to get another picture.
David A. B - SF, CA
Finished painting - Flowers in Silver Vase

I received the painting yesterday. It's beautiful. Your service was prompt courteous.

I am bringing the painting to a frame shop to be stretched and framed. I will send you photo's when it is finished. I look forward to ordering from you again and will definitely recommend your company to my family and friends. Thank you again.

Mary E. O. - Merrick, NY
Finished painting - Albert Edward Prince of Wales

Thank you for your notification. I've already received your shipment in good order. I'm very pleased by the result. The two paintings look great!
I've brought them to a specialist who is working to place them on stretchers and frame them. I'm thinking about commissioning another painting, but I
have to find a useable image first.
Thanks again for your diligent attention in this matter.

Philippe H. - Illinois
Finished painting - "Gotthardpost, 1873" by Rudolf Koller
"First Devil's Bridge,1804" by Joseph Mallord William Turner

I received the painting, had it stretched and framed, and have just shown it to my client. He absolutely loved it. I'm very impressed with the quality of the painting and the professional manner with which my order was handled.

Lloyd A.
Studio One Portrait Design
Anniston, AL

Just FYI - painting is framed and hanging over my mantle. Looks awesome! Another satisfied customer!

Susan F. - Smyrna, GA
Finished painting - The lady of shalott study by John William Waterhouse

The painting arrived yesterday and looks great! I will be recommending your custom service to my family who is also interested in getting some hard-to-find paintings.

Thank you, Gennifer M. - CA

Received the package...it arrived safe and sound. I absolutely love it! It came out great! I will look forward to ordering another painting in the future and would highly recommend your service.
I wrapped it up and put it back in the tube it was mailed in. I will probably get it framed in about 4 weeks. Will it be okay sitting in the tube? Thanks again.

Karen E. - New York, NY
Finished Painting - The Dance Hall at Arles by Vincent van Gogh
Artmall200's answer: For the newly completed painting, it is not fully dried yet. Keep it rolled and sealed for a long time is not good at all. Please take painting out and leave it flat; tape it to the wall, or flat on the table, etc.

The painting was received by us at the weekend; we will be taking it to be framed this weekend.

Our first impressions are that it is better than we anticipated, and are looking forward to seeing it hanging on the wall! When it is in place we will try and send you a photograph for your records. Kind regards
Paul, A. - England
Finished painting - Houses on the Hill by Paul C¨¦zanne

The last of the buffalo was a big hit at Christmas! As a former art gallery owner I must tell you that I was truly impressed with your artists ability, not only to capture the image, but to do so without losing the natural free flowing style of the original.
I am looking forward with great anticipation to receiving the next work you are doing for me! Please let me know how it is coming along and when it will be shipped.
Best regards from a happy customer,

Robert K. - CA
Finished painting - The Last of the Buffalo by Albert Bierstadt

The painting looks absolutely fabulous and we have had several great comments.
The frame company you recommended will be here in the middle of January to varnish the painting, which they say will bring out all the detail. I'll send you some pictures once that work is complete.

Kevin K. - CA, USA
Finished painting - 96"x70", "The Rialto Bridge from the South" by Canaletto

Just a short note on the condition of the picture, it came yesterday, and it was in perfect condition. I would like to thank you for the georgous picture that you had made for me, it was truly a work of art.

My wife and I have it hanging in the dining room, and it is beautiful. Thanks again. Sincerely.

Carl and Dorothy I. - Kinnelon, NJ
Finished painting - Still life

We have received the painting...
It is wonderful.. Very very happy with the quality.....
I will be ordering 2 or 3 more paintings later this week...

Tony N., Managing Director - Australia
Finished Painting - "Le guepier by William Bouguereau

I will mail the poster tomorrow. I have attempted to send you a picture of the painting as it is framed and hanging in my dining room. I hope the picture does it justice, the painting is beautiful and has gotten many compliments.

Don S. - CA

Just a short note to express our appreciation to you for sending us our painting the "Grape Picker". What a beautiful painting. Now we can understand what it means to receive a museum quality painting. We are very pleased with your product and more importantly with your service. Thanks again.

Carolyn and Fred - Rogers, AK
Finished painting - "Grape Picker" by William Bouguereau

1) Yes, we did receive the Napoleon painting, and are extremely happy with it.

2) I need to order a painting for a wine cellar. It should have some arches, a vineyard, and an overall grape theme. It could also include some winery related lettering. Please let me know ASAP,

Thanks. Vini S. - CA
Finished painting - 156"x102", "The Consecration of Napoleon" by Jacques-Louis David

I received the painting on Friday. It is great, exactly what I wanted and a perfect match to the original painting. Please give my thanks to the painter for the great work. Fantastic job!!!
Thank you very much.
Stan B. - Las Vegas, NV
Finished painting - "Apollo and Daphne" by John William Waterhouse

I recieved the painting on Saturday. It arrive in perfect condition and looks lovely. It has already gotten very positive comments at the frameshop. Thank you for such a great job.
Donald S. - CA

Received the painting today. Looks very nice. Thanks for the good work.
Pat M. - MI
Finished painting - 55"x35", "Grand Canal looking South-West" by Canaletto

I received the painting today. It looks very nice and I'm in the process of having it framed. Can you tell me when my other order will be finished (Canaletto's "Grand Canal looking South-West")?. I think I ordered that one a couple of weeks earlier than this one.
Thanks. Pat M. - MI
Finished painting - "The Water Lily Pond; Pink Harmony. 1900" Claude Monet

We received our art and we love it! Thank you for delivering on your promises it is a rarity that you receive more than expected.
Jerry M. - Hickory, NC
Finished painting - Paul Cezanne's Landscape

Thanks, got the paintings on Thursday I think, hung them in the conference room to dry and took them Friday to the framer. I can't wait to see how they'll look framed. They came out really good - when framed, I take some photos and e-mail them to you. So far, so good, my only regret is that in the rush to ship them, they were still a little bit wet, and one glob of paint landed somewhere it shouldn't - that's O.K. though, it's not noticeable, and now mine will be unique - thanks for wrapping in paper and shipping in PVC - I was very impressed - you did it right!

I'll send you some more comments, photos, and orders soon - very busy this week.

Jim A. - Irvine, CA
Finished painting - Albert Bierstadt's
"The Great Trees" 30"x60"
"The Last of the Buffalo" 79"x46"

The "Wheat Fields" arrived safely today. We are very pleased indeed, and thank you for making it possible to own this lovely picture, and for your careful attention to the order. We shall enjoy this very much.

Sincerely. Isobel and Jim B. - Spring Valley, CA
Finished painting - "Wheat Fields" by Jacob van Ruisdael

Just a short note to let you know that I received "The Tambourine Girl" yesterday via US Mail. I had it delivered to my work address, and waited until I got home to open the tube so my wife and I could view it together for the first time. It is absolutely beautiful! What an excellent job by the artist! It is even prettier in person than on the web site. We are extremely pleased. We love our first painting (The Siesta), but I think we like this one even better!

Thank you so much for your service! We are going to start reviewing the selections at your site so we can choose our third painting!

Ron and Amber C. - Little Rock, AR
Finished painting - "The Tambourine Girl" by John William Godward

I received them safely yesterday and they're lovely. It was a pleasure to do business with you.

Sincerely, Torri J. - NY

Received package yesterday -- opened to check ok -- they are BEAUTIFUL!! -- the colors are beyond description. i am pleased beyond belief -- your artists captured it all -- will tell all of you -- probably will want another down the road.
thank you so much--bob husted, Conover NC

Finished paintings - Claude Monet "Jar of Peaches", Paul Gauguin "Still Life with Colocynths"

Here is a photo of the room where we hung the painting we had done for us last year....
Everyone who sees the paintings remarks on how beautiful they look. We are very pleased with them.

Finished painting - "Idealvedute With Ruins" and "Sibylle of Cumae Prophesies the birth of Jesus Christi" by Giovanni Paolo Pannini

I received the four paintings. They look great. Thanks.

Johnny M.- Baton Rouge, LA

I have another question. After placing the stretched painting (you sent me) into a frame, what else should I do? For example, should there be a backing on the frame, and if so then what kind? Thanks, 

Bill Q. - CA
Answer: You do not need to do anything after placing (or push) the stretched painting into a frame. Put a pair of hangers on the frame and hang it on the wall. Normally oil painting is not sealed. It is better to let air flow through the canvas. 
Finished painting - "The Young Bride" by Mary Cassette

I am sending this message to you, to let you know that I received my painting "The Dream" two days ago here in Lima. I am very satisfied with the painting quality, all your service and attention paid to my order. I have some friends which are envious about my painting, in good terms of course and I am recommending Artmall2000 to them. Best regards.

Eduardo E. - Lima, Peru
Finished painting - "The Dream" by Henri Rousseau 

As noted per my email from earlier today (Monday, Nov. 22), the package was waiting in my office when I arrived to work. I wasn't able to open it until late afternoon due to meetings, etc.. I then waited until my wife could be present. We opened it together, and were very, very pleased. The quality is excellent. The colors are rich and beautiful. The images are superb replications of the original, and the add lib addition to meet our needed dimensions is so perfect it is hard not to imagine that it was not part of the original painting. This is a splendid painting and meets all of our expectations. Again, we are extremely pleased, and are now reviewing the catalog so we can order our next painting! Sincerely, 

Ronald and Amber C. - Little Rock, AR 
Finished painting - "The Siesta, 1895" by Frederick Arthur Bridgman

Thank you for forwarding the attached image of the Indian that was reproduced. The painting appears to be very close to the image shown in the attached photo scan. Immediately upon receiving the painting I took it to my framing service to stretch the canvas in preparation for selecting a frame. It should be stretched by now and be OK.

John L - NM, USA

10/6/2004 8:06:43 AM
Thank you so much for the painting, we absolutely love it, we have no complaints whatsoever, we are thrilled with the painting and compliment you on your prompt service and communication. I wanted to let you know it arrived yesterday and as already stated we are so happy to have it, and thrilled with the quality of the painting.

cheers from Australia. best wishes, Marilyn Dimond
Finished painting - "Chess Players" by John Singer Sargent

9/18/2004 7:43:30 AM

I received the three paintings and I am very happy with them. That is why I am making another order. I will be ordering some additional paintings also. I appreciate that doing the red lettering on the Casablanca painting was a pain but I appreciate your sticking with it since it was a suprise for our son.

Johnny M. - Baton Rouge, LA

I am the person who ordered the John Singer Sargent painting "The Fountain" that was pictured on the note cards from the Art Institute of Chicago. I now have the painting framed it looks almost exactly like the original shown on the cards.

I would now like to inquire about a painting by Tamara de Lempicka titled ...
John L - NM, USA


Finished Painting - William Bouguereau's "Girl With Dead Bird" & "Girls by the Well"

the package arrived safely. Painting looks great. My wife and I are very happy with the items we have 
purchased from you. 

Greg C. - Pattsbutgh, PA
Finished Painting - "Children on the Beach" by Mary Cassette

The parcel containing the painting arrived yesterday, June 14th. The quality of reproduction was excellent. 
I shall consider your service for future orders. Sincerely ............, 
John L. - Santa Fe, NM
Finished painting - "The Fountain, Villa Torlonia, Frascati, Italy, 1907" by John Sargent

5/29/2004 3:09:41 PM
I cannot believe what that Jen Gregor said. I have recieved a gift from my friend that was a painting and I love it. It hangs in my living room reminding me of how I'm loved.
Sara N. - Commerce City, CO

5/29/2004 3:03:36 PM
All I have to say is WONDERFUL, AMAZING, and BREATH TAKING. Thank you!
Amy Closert - New York, NY America
You have done a great job for me in the past. Now I would like to ask you to paint two new paintings.
1. "Bucintoro at the Molo" by Canaletto size 118 inches X 72 inches
2. "Four Doctors " by John Singer Sargent size 48inches X 36inches

Farid G. - Maryland
Good afternoon, I have ordered a painting from you in the past and was very happy with it. I am looking to purchase another painting and have the following question for you. For the 20x24 size painting, would you confirm whether the 20x24 is the size of the painted image or the size of the canvas? I remember from my last painting that there was a border around the image. Thank you.

Greg C.
Artmall2000 response: For 20"x24" painting, the painted image is 20"x24". Canvas is bigger.

4/23/2004 10:25:22 PM
Thank you for this great works. All of them are lovely. Thank you again.
Niyazi Yoltas - Akcay 356/15 Gaziemir, Izmir, Turkey
We received our paintings today and are very pleased with them at first look....We are very anxious now to have them framed and hung, thank you so much for always updating us on the transaction. Thank you again.

Fred and Joan K.
Two very large paintings (54"x72") by Giovanni Paolo Pannini.
"Idealvedute With Ruins" 
"Sibylle of Cumae Prophesies the birth of Jesus Christi" 
Thank you so very much! I just received it and it is perfect!!! Thank you again for your superb service
and artistic talent. 

Roxanna B. - CA
Many thanks for sending me the wonderful Johannes Vermeer replica painting. I am proud that this world famous artist has lived in the Netherlands. I am glad that I am now the owner of this excellent painting representing a geographer in his studio. I like to thank the artist and your company for the service that you have showed to me. many greetings from R.W.

R. W - Holland
Finished painting - Vermeer's "The Geographer"
My friend received the painting last week and, although I have not yet seen it, she is very pleased with it. 
It was her favorite in an exhibit of Manet paintings in Chicago. Thank you for seeing this to completion and thanks to the artist for making my friend happy.

Finished painting - Monat's "Moonlight Over the Port of Boulogne"

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